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The Boone Comic-Con Committee wishes to express our gratitude to everyone that attended, both as vendors and guests. Overall, the feedback we have received this year from everyone at the tables was positive and many people expressed a keen interest in returning to Boone for follow-up conventions going forward.

Charity funds raised. Thanks to those that supported both the Klingon Assault Group (that raised $600.00 themselves) and those that supported the Silent Auction (still counting, but looking like over $500.00) a good deal of money was raised for the Kwanzaa Family Inn Women’s Shelter fund. We are looking at the neighborhood of roughly $1,200.00, pending the pickup of Silent Auction items and the collection of those funds. All in all, not a bad day’s work for charity.

Auction winners. We are still going through the paper work, but will contact you in the next 48 hours, should you have won. The items in question will be available for pickup at the Dragon’s Den store location in Boone. We have your phone numbers and will send you the collection details.

Volunteers. We think our volunteers deserve a special shoutout, we had people from the Geek Guild (AppState/NerdCon, they did a lot of our running that day), Boone Gamers Club (tabletop tables, setup/teardown), and Wilkes Con that showed up in support of this convention. That is not to mention other independent volunteers (some vendors too) that took time out of their weekend schedules to assist us in making this happen. The Klingon Assault Group also showed up to offer their support and raise funds for the Kwanzaa Family Inn Women’s Shelter, a good cause if there ever was one. The GameFather in the Boone Mall graciously coordinated an effort to have a Smash Brothers tournament on site as well to give people more variety and options for activities. This year would not have been a success and would have been difficult to manage without your support.

Vendors. We thank you all for taking time to travel up the mountain to Boone for those of you not local, and to those of you that are local, thank you for taking time to be here as well. There was plenty to do in Boone this weekend and you chose us as your prime location for the day. We really do think it made all the difference. We had stores, local craftsmen, and culinary experts that served treats to satisfy the sweet tooth (the lemonade and ice cream stands).

Tenants of the Mall and Mall staff. Thank you to the tenants of the mall that were kind enough to clear out the middle sections of the mall to give us room to operate (you know who you are), we appreciated the kind gesture and willingness to work with us with that floor space. We also appreciated the people working in the food eateries that day, we know we jam packed yeah and appreciated the hustle. Of course, we would also to thank the Boone Mall management team for making things as smooth as they could be and the cool dudes that worked on staff that catered to our needs throughout the day. A thank you to the good ladies of Ulta for opening the front doors for us so that vendors could get set up on time!

Guests. We would like to thank everyone that showed up as guests to support this convention, because of you it looks like the Boone Comic-Con has a safe bet at being a continuous thing in Boone in the future.

In closing. The team for the next convention at present is currently being discussed and formed. The team for this year has put together a list of things we thought was done well, things not done so well, and things we would like to improve upon going forward that will be presented at the formation of the new (and hopefully bigger) Boone Comic-Con Committee.

With all that said, thank you all for attending and we look forward to seeing you all at future events in Boone.


Russ Seamster

On behalf of the Boone Comic-Con Committee & Volunteers

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I just wanted to post this so it does not get forgot, as many of us will be back to work per usual come tomorrow.

On behalf of my business partner, Kai, myself, the staff of the Dragon's Den, and others that helped get this Convention off the ground. I would like to take this time to express our gratitude to all of the following:

Our Staff members at Dragon's Den & Families

The Boone Mall Management and Staff

WilkesCon staff

NerdCon staff

Members of the Boone Gamers Club

The roughly dozen other volunteers that showed up

The tenants/stores of the mall that supported this event

Lamar advertising

High Country Press

Appalachian news team

VFW 7031

The sponsors of this event (AstroYeti and Oris Game Corner), they were right there with us to make this a reality

I am sure there are more, but I forgot to write the names down, you know who you are and thank you!

I would also like to extend another big thank you to the community-at-large that showed up, which helped make this Convention a HUGE SUCCESS. The costumes looked great, and everyone brought a good level of energy to the event.

This was our first Convention we have run, and we had many praises from veterans of other conventions that were highly pleased with the high turn out of people. We will try our best to not let that go to our head, but it does show the potential that Boone is capable of hosting these sort of events.

Cookies & Cream apparently demolished a record on sales, if I heard that right.

It was also noted that the parking lots around the mall were crammed full at one point in the day.

We have had many vendors, artists, volunteers and local stores that have all expressed a very keen interest in putting on this show again next year.

We have decided we aim to do just that, more updates will follow via the website or on this Facebook page.

We have made notes of things we would like to add or to be improved upon for the next one.

We also aim to put together the pictures taken by AstroYeti and other staff to put up on the page, along with the website.

Thanks again everyone for your hard work. Without the volunteers, I have no doubt this would have had a hard time getting going.

Take care until the next one.

Also, the WilkesCon is coming up early next year in this region, be sure to check them out at their page:

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