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Quick update for vendors/artists:

We are within 3-weeks of the event. Hope everyone is excited.

I have been assured by the Boone mall management that there will be wifi access via the mall wifi, and there are couple of back-up public wifis in the mall should there be an overload. We will pass out logins on the day of for the secure network.

Due to security reasons, vendors/artists, should only setup at 9am on the morning of in the mall.

This is done to prevent liability issues, and we hope this will not cause an inconvenience.

This convention will be an interesting one as it is our first and the first that I know of at the Boone Mall, so we appreciate your patience with us on this first attempt.

We look forward to seeing you all there, and we hope you all will get to enjoy the other activities we have planned that day.


The Boone Comic-Con Admin Team

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Hello Everybody,

We would like to thank everyone for their patience so far with us in getting this event up and running. We had some hiccups over the summer that caused us to go back to the drawing board and do a re-assessment of what we are actually doing with this event in terms of activities.

We know we will be able to offer the following:

1. Cosplay Contest

2. Charity Auction

3. Vendor & Artist Tables

4. Gaming Area for Tournaments & Casual Play

We have coordinated with a local group of Battletech players and enthusiasts whom will be running Battletech tables all throughout the convention for the benefit of everyone curious about this hobby. There will also be an Alpha Strike tournament that will be ran during the event.

We currently have a Magic the Gathering Pioneer tournament planned for this convention. Please see our website for entry fee and other pertinent information regarding this event.

We will have other casual play tables available for anyone that wants to play other tabletop games such as Warhammer 40K. Also, to have some tables where people can relax during the convention.

We are still currently looking into the feasibility of doing a Smash Brothers tournament or casual play per the utilities of the host location. We will post about this again should we add this to our current program.

At present time we do not plan on having any panels. We will be looking into this again for future Boone Comic-Con and Game Expos.

We have the current tentative schedule provided along with other information provided via the website.

We aim to continually update this as we have more meetings with our Convention Committee in the weeks ahead leading up to the event.

Should anyone be having issues regarding the vendors & tables, please contact us via

We are currently full on vendor tables for the moment, but are still taking names for backups, should table and space become available.

Any further updates we will be sure to provide them here and, on the website, as we have more information to put out.


Convention Admin Team

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