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Policies & FAQ

Criminals & Criminal Activity

All those currently on a registry or having committed a felony within the last 10 years are strictly forbidden from attending the event.  Any persons caught doing so will be given one warning to leave, failure to do this will result in Boone Comic Con staff consulting with the office of the Boone Mall and issuing a “no trespass” order against any individuals in violation of this.

Should a person knowingly be on the premises in violation of this, they may also be subject to other legal penalties or consequences.  Please, do not test this.


Weapons Policy

All real weapons (firearms, blades, or otherwise) are strictly prohibited from the Convention and Boone Mall property.  Foam or toy objects that imitate weaponry are allowed, however they will not be used to harm any other person or property.  “Clowning around” with weapons in a hostile or aggressive way is not allowed on the premises.

We expect you to use good judgment, please do not be “that guy.”


Photo Policy

By attending the Boone Comic Con, you recognize that the staff and management reserves the right to take photos of members, merchandise, costumes, etc. for promotional and advertising purposes. We will not take any inappropriate photos or videos of any kind.

If you discover this might have been the case after the fact or after the convention is over then please contact our Director, Kai Weaver, after the convention you can reach her at


No Pets Allowed

If you have pets, please leave them at home. The Boone Mall will not allow animals into the building except for service animals. If your service animal is not wearing any kind of ID identifying them as a service animal, you may be stopped by security.

Service animals are here to do a job: to assist their owners with navigating the Convention or other tasks the owner cannot do easily themselves.  Please respect that and do not pet/interact with service animals that do not belong to you.  They are “on the clock.”

“Emotional support” animals are not considered service animals, as they are not certified/trained and have no documentation to prove they are necessary according to the law.


Anti-bullying Policy

Any bullying, harassment, or discrimination of any kind (verbal, physical, emotional, etc.) will not be tolerated by our staff, vendors, or community.


Cosplay is not consent. If necessary, we will contact local law enforcement, provide escort, offer a safe place, or otherwise assist those who may experience harassment to make sure they feel safe.


Disagreements, discussion, and freedom of speech are all supported at this con, but please keep your disagreements and exercising of freedom of speech respectful. Failure to abide by this or any other of the rules will result in expulsion from the convention.


Remember “your rights end where another begins.”  You cross that line on our watch in a malicious fashion against other people and we take notice, it will be addressed according to what the situation merits.


We maintain a strict “no drama” policy, and regard those engaging in it as bullies.  This is not the place to engage in libel or slander, we suggest you keep it to yourself, unless you love burning bridges and want to be uninvited to future events.


Authorized Vendor Policy

Only vendors that have paid invoices issued by the Boone Comic Con Director, Kai Weaver (this year done via Dragons Den), are acknowledged as legitimate and will be checked against our payment roster.  Any persons setting up a table or other apparatus for purposes of resale on the property without the expressed permission of the Director or the Boone Mall manager will be asked to tear down and leave.

SALES OF ALL KINDS in the PARKING LOT are strictly forbidden in accordance with Boone Mall policy.  Please, do not even try it, they will enforce this and it may result a “no trespass” order being furnished.

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