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Just putting the date out there with other announcements in relation to this years convention.

The Boone Comic-Con will be hosted at the Boone Mall on 7 OCT 23, and the schedule of events is under our events section on the website, please look there for schedule of events and other activities.

VENDOR SIGN-UPS: We will be asking for NEW vendor sign-ups not any time before the end of this upcoming JUNE. We will post these out via the website and our social media platform on Facebook, as well as through other associated businesses. We are doing this in such a way as to keep this FRESH on everyone's mind, we would greatly appreciate people making a commitment to this, as we will be asking for payment of tables upfront this time.

Please note, due to the location it would be prudent to only bring you things to setup on the morning of the convention. We understand this is not exactly convenient for a number of you, but we can not in anyway vouch for the security of your items the night prior to the event and so please understand we will not cover these things via liability insurance or otherwise. We hope you all understand our concerns with that. Besides, the tables and chairs will not arrive until up in the afternoon the day prior anyway, as we are renting those tables from a local provider.

OUR PROGRAM: We plan on having multiple activities this go around as opposed to last year, just ironing out the details with interested parties. We plan on hosting the cosplay contest again this year, and have made adjustments to improve from last year to include ensuring the timeframe of the contest is observed according to schedule.

We plan on having vendors back again, and the vendors from last year we are making room for. We will ensure they have a dedicated space, should they want to return before we put out sign-ups for any new vendors.

The floor space will change a little bit compared to last year, as the front end of the mall got way too crowded, and so we will be adjusting the tables accordingly.

The gaming area will have open play tables, we will offer board games for attendees, but we will also be hosting an Alpha Strike tournament at some point during the day!

PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES: The Boone Mall has made it clear in the previous year that anyone setting up for resale purposes outside of the Boone Mall in the Parking Lot is not associated with them in anyway, and that activity is not associated with the Boone Comic-Con in anyway. This is due to prior agreements between the Boone Mall and its permanent vendors on location, please do not be "that guy".

Individuals (and businesses) that have been banned by us (the admin team), the store Dragon's Den, the Boone Gamers Club, or the Boone Mall are not eligible to attend. This also includes anyone that have committed felonies within the last ten years and anyone currently on a registry.

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