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Day After Announcement (10/9/22):

I just wanted to post this so it does not get forgot, as many of us will be back to work per usual come tomorrow.

On behalf of my business partner, Kai, myself, the staff of the Dragon's Den, and others that helped get this Convention off the ground. I would like to take this time to express our gratitude to all of the following:

Our Staff members at Dragon's Den & Families

The Boone Mall Management and Staff

WilkesCon staff

NerdCon staff

Members of the Boone Gamers Club

The roughly dozen other volunteers that showed up

The tenants/stores of the mall that supported this event

Lamar advertising

High Country Press

Appalachian news team

VFW 7031

The sponsors of this event (AstroYeti and Oris Game Corner), they were right there with us to make this a reality

I am sure there are more, but I forgot to write the names down, you know who you are and thank you!

I would also like to extend another big thank you to the community-at-large that showed up, which helped make this Convention a HUGE SUCCESS. The costumes looked great, and everyone brought a good level of energy to the event.

This was our first Convention we have run, and we had many praises from veterans of other conventions that were highly pleased with the high turn out of people. We will try our best to not let that go to our head, but it does show the potential that Boone is capable of hosting these sort of events.

Cookies & Cream apparently demolished a record on sales, if I heard that right.

It was also noted that the parking lots around the mall were crammed full at one point in the day.

We have had many vendors, artists, volunteers and local stores that have all expressed a very keen interest in putting on this show again next year.

We have decided we aim to do just that, more updates will follow via the website or on this Facebook page.

We have made notes of things we would like to add or to be improved upon for the next one.

We also aim to put together the pictures taken by AstroYeti and other staff to put up on the page, along with the website.

Thanks again everyone for your hard work. Without the volunteers, I have no doubt this would have had a hard time getting going.

Take care until the next one.

Also, the WilkesCon is coming up early next year in this region, be sure to check them out at their page:

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