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Parking Lot issue & Disclaimer:

Boone Comic-Con update regarding the parking lot.

Boone Mall management has informed us that some people are using the Boone Comic-Con posters to advertise their private business and some have expressed an interest in setting up tents in the parking lot.

PLEASE NOTE: this activity is NOT AUTHORIZED by the Boone Mall ,Boone Comic-Con, or the Dragon's Den. The Boone Mall maintains a Clause in their contracts with their tenants, and this would put people setting up tents into conflict with the Boone Mall (especially their tenants).

Boone Mall management said they will go around to handle it on the day of, but they have requested the community to let those individuals know (whomever has been stating it) to inform them of this issue so they don't setup and cause a serious issue with the tenants of the Mall.

Anyone setting up their own business for profit outside of the Boone Mall is not associated with the Boone Mall, the Dragon's Den, or Boone' Comic-Con in anyway.

With that being said, we have over 28 vendors/artists that will be inside the mall and some gaming activity going on as well. We hope everyone has a safe and productive weekend wherever they choose to be that day.

We hope you will pick the Boone Comic-Con as your first go-to this Saturday 11am-6pm.

Thank you everyone for your attention to this message and helping the wider community address the issue stated.

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