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Tables Full / Waitlist Active

From the Boone Comic Con staff to all those interested:

Our tables (slots) are full as of this time, and we are only taking people's contacts for waitlist as of this time.

Any vendor that has not paid their invoice by the end of August will be removed from the reserve list for this event, and we will start pulling people from the waitlist. Please do not delay in payment, we want this process to be as efficient as possible so we know we will have active tables at the CON and no dead space. Plus it gives people on the waitlist a courtesy in being able to pickup a spot that has become vacated.

You are free to continue reaching out to us at:

Kai, the Director, will be checking emails and payments weekly going forward. More updates will be posted as needed to keep everyone informed of what they need to know.


  1. Check your spam first if it is not in your emails

  2. You might not currently be billeted a slot, and are waitlisted

ALL COMMUNICATIONS are to be directed at Kai Weaver, and nobody else. She is the sole manager of payments, managing the schedule and table slots. Nobody else has the authority to make promises, pledges, warranties, guarantees, or agreements on behalf of the Boone Comic Con.

Thank you for your attention to this message and we appreciate the massive amount of support we have been receiving from everyone in regards to this Convention.

We hope this year will be productive and fun.


Russ Seamster


Boone Comic Con Committee

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