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Update for Vendors/Artists 9/18/22

Quick update for vendors/artists:

We are within 3-weeks of the event. Hope everyone is excited.

I have been assured by the Boone mall management that there will be wifi access via the mall wifi, and there are couple of back-up public wifis in the mall should there be an overload. We will pass out logins on the day of for the secure network.

Due to security reasons, vendors/artists, should only setup at 9am on the morning of in the mall.

This is done to prevent liability issues, and we hope this will not cause an inconvenience.

This convention will be an interesting one as it is our first and the first that I know of at the Boone Mall, so we appreciate your patience with us on this first attempt.

We look forward to seeing you all there, and we hope you all will get to enjoy the other activities we have planned that day.


The Boone Comic-Con Admin Team

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